I'm Slips.

There should be a picture here, but judging by the fact that you're seeing this, it didn't load. Quite odd indeed.

15, He/Him, Your local neighborhood moron. Beat saber, nerf modding, and Linux are my specialities (I use arch btw).
Matrix: @slips:envs.net Preferred contact method
Email:[name](at)[domain] Preferred contact method
Jabber/XMPP: slips@member.fsf.org
Youtube: Slips
Odysee/LBRY: @Slips

Discord? No Way!

If you want to email me, please use PGP. my pubkey can be downloaded here.


EA7A 96B5 F714 8B46 FE67
AF62 3726 21B2 75DA 3D5B

Want to support me?

BTC: bc1qt9hu56aa79h9hp47usjlrurpz6h270cp492gdd

Monero: 48wT324pDVv4GpeJunPnhpi7RYgBrSnym15YbNjKjkypZv64WG35EZ44SKtcEdkHLafE2eVqsfmRJ1UD8trJDHYrGi8c4GK

Now get out of my house, please.