09/24/2021: Artix Linux, really superior to Arch?

So, I've been on a bit of a hunt recently, looking for a solid distro to possibly replace arch. And it's been tough looking, until I came across Artix. The idea of Artix is that it's Arch Linux, but instead of using the systemd init system, it uses s6, runit, or openrc. And I've always been interested in trying a non-systemd distro, so I downloaded the ISO (runit and xfce by default, I didn't feel like going through the TUI install) and took a look. I thought to myself, maybe this will be the end of my search for a good arch replacement distro!

About two or three days in, and I gotta say, I'm definitely still searching.

Now, is this a *bad* distro? No. There are plenty of distros nowadays that are worse (looking at you, Manjaro.), it's just that the one massive issue I've been having with this distro so far is one that can't be overlooked: The repos are *terrible.* Like, absolutely awful. On the stock repos, I was unable to find Steam, *any* web browser besides Epiphany (ew) and some text based ones, Thunderbird, and a variety of other things i would deem "necessary" for a functioning desktop. Yeah, the aur *exists* but like, why would i need to go to the aur just to download basic tools necessary to use my PC?
After this, I experimented with it a bit more, but I just couldn't see any reason to use it over Arch. The boot times aren't really appreciably longer, and the hassle compared to a standard arch install just isn't worth it.

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