07/23/2021: Does dwm really "suck less?"

So, my personal WM is Sway. I've used Sway for the past few months, and I've grown accustomed to it. Only issue with Sway, is that it's Wayland. And I like Wayland, I think it likely is the future of video servers, but it's just not up to snuff right now with Xorg. So, I thought I'd try dwm. I'd heard of it before, Never tried it, but it was minimal, and I like minimal things, so I thought I'd give it a shot.
So I download and compile dwm, and the first thing I notice is that it's using st, suckless's preferred terminal emulator instead of kitty, my preferred terminal emulator. So, I go and recompile it. Then I realize that the binds suck. So I go and fix them, and then recompile it. Then, I realize that the stock bar kind of sucks (it does). So I go figure out how to add a new one, and then I recompile it. It's really annoying to have to recompile the WM every single time I make any config change. Finally, I get to use this window manager. And honestly, after a few days of working with it, I can definitively say that it is alright.
And honestly, that's all I can say. It's alright. It does what it needs to do. The master/stack tiling system is weird, but I got used to it. The stupid window focus binds are stupid, but I got used to them. The fact that Ctrl+Shift+Q, the bind to close windows in Sway, kills Xorg entirely is annoying, but I changed it. And after all that, it works as a window manager. Would I recommend it? If you like window managers that you have to configure by hand, sure. It's alright as that. If you prefer a more "out of the box" experience though, I'd choose soomething like SwayWM, or just err from a tiling WM altogether and use something like LXDE, or another lightweight DE like it.

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