07/16/2021: Charamile Designs Skewer

So, instead of the usual "song and dance" today, I'm gonna highlight something I think is cool.
A friend of mine, Taffy (A.K.A Charamile Designs), has been designing and has recently released a homemade Nerf blaster he calls the Skewer. The Skewer is "a 3.5-inch draw Talon [Magazine]-fed blaster that has a T-pull and a rod that runs through the center of the plunger." According to Silverfox Industries (A highly popular aftermarket Nerf product marketplace), the Skewer can achieve an average FPS (Feet per Second) of around 200 using a Kuryaka barrel and an SF25-TC Spring (Both specially designed pieces for the Nerf hobby.) For context, your average run-of-the-mill Nerf blaster will hit around 50-70 FPS, unmodified.

Another big part of the skewer that is fantastic is, surprisingly enough, the assembly instructions. As you may or may not be aware, Taffy is (alongside being a very good engineer) an artist, so each page was lovingly hand drawn by the man himself. Below this text is the cover image of the manual, to get an idea of how it looks.

The cover manual of the Charamile Designs Skewer assembly manual.

I unfortunately have yet to try out this blaster myself, as not only am I overwhelmingly broke, my 3D printer is currently nonfunctional, so I haven't had the time to print one myself. However, if you're interested in purchasing one yourself, You can buy assembly kits/assembled models (and see the full instruction manual!) at SilverFoxIndustries, or if you would prefer to print your own shell parts, Captain Slug sells hardware-only kits on his Etsy.
That is all for today. I leave you with a video of the Skewer in action released by the man himself. Bon voyage!

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