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I'm Slips. I host a blog, here on this site. file format goes "/blogstuffs/ddmmyy.html", if the file's not there, pester me on Matrix or via email.

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10/13/2921: Virtual Riot - SIMULATION EP Review
09/24/2021: Artix Linux, really superior to Arch?
07/30/2021: Virtual Riot - This Could Be Us
07/27/2021: IRC? What's IRC?
07/23/2021: Does dwm really "suck less"?
07/19/2021: Dishonored 1/2/DoTO are really good games
07/16/2021: Charamile Designs Skewer
07/15/2021: Arch Linux, FOSS, and Me
07/14/2021: What the f--- is up, kyle?

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